Senior Bible Send-Off

Seniors, it’s your time…again! Class of 2020, we have something for you! We are so sorry that you did not get to experience all the celebrations you deserved for all your hard work. That being said, we have one last gift for you before you embark on your next adventure! On July 26, we would love to recognize you and pray for you in-person at the church in the Open Door Worship space. We have planned a service for you and your loved ones from 2-3 PM, at which you will receive a Bible. Larry, Gracie, Joe, and Sandy would love to see you there! Open Doo Worship Center | July 26 | 2-3 PM Please register at the link below. Please keep in mind that all social distance protocols will be in place, meaning you will need your masks (and water bottles if desired). Senior Send-off RSVP As always, let us know if you have any questions! Larry Gipson | lgipson@fumcrockwall.com Gracie...

Youth Bible Study

Sundays at 10 AM | Back On Zoom Catch us on Zoom for Bible Study this Sunday at 10am! We’ll wrap up at 10:45 AM. We’ll be going over a passage in Luke in which Jesus heals ten people with leprosy. Is this instance any different from the other times Jesus heals? Come with questions and your Bible! We can’t wait to see you there! As always, let us know if you have any questions! Larry Gipson – lgipson@fumcrockwall.com Gracie Millard – gmillard@fumcrockwall.com

Project Transformation

Summer Volunteer Opportunities Project Transformation is a long-time and honored Summer program in our area assisting under-served children develop spiritual & academic skills that will help them become successful in life, in their faith, and in the classroom. During these COVID-days of altered-Summer 2020, these children need resources to nurture mind, body, & soul. First UMC Rockwall can make an impact for Christ’s sake in support of PT and the children in its program. Two options of limited time service: prayer support & “grab & go” distribution at a site-church. Check it out. For assistance or questions contact Rev. Clay Womack Volunteer to “Grab and Go” Distribute Food and Supplies at a site church Ages 14-64 (For volunteers between the ages of 14-17, they must have a parent or guardian present with them during the volunteer experience. Upon arrival...

Online UMYF

Join Us for Youth Group Online! Sundays at 5 PM UMYFVideos of UMYF Worship (prayer, song, message) are available on our Facebook page and Vimeo on Fridays. Watch the video before we meet for small groups on Sundays at 5pm on Zoom! Facebook Vimeo Small Groups | Sundays, 5-6pm Fellowship and conversations about the message. Click here for the Zoom link.

Youth Easter Sunrise Expression

Watch our Youth Easter Sunrise Expression Below! Video Link – https://vimeo.com/406629535 We could not celebrate Easter Sunrise in our normal fashion, so the youth decided to create an alternate expression of the joy of Easter morning! Happy Easter! Christ is risen indeed!

Staff Devotionals

Staff Devotional with Rev. Clay Womack - July 20, 2020 WHO YOU ARE .. AND WHOSE YOU ARE Recently I had the distinct pleasure of penning a congratulatory word to a freshly-minted college graduate. Pastor-types are offered such a privilege with regularity, and it is a joy to do. This putting of congratulations, hopes expressed, and a gentle reminder of who she was and Whose she was on paper was particularly joyful because of the long-standing connection of being pastor & friend to this grad, as well as to her family. As is sometimes said where I come from: “we built a lot of barrels together” – Sunday School, UMYF, youth choir tours, mission trips, summer church musicals, middle & high school performances, Sunday worship leadership, VBS youth leadership team, and a bunch more – for the advancement of the Kingdom and the glory of God. I was part of “raising her from a pup”...