Adult Sunday School

8:30 AM Classes

New Beginnings | Singles and Couples | Avg. Age: all ages | Bldg. B, Rm 109

Kip Dorsey and Bill Abbott teach members wanting to focus on Bible study and getting to know more people in the church. Some are experiencing Sunday School for the first time while others are looking for a time more suitable for 9:30 worshippers.

9:30 AM Classes

Becomers | Singles & Couples | Avg. Age:  55+ | Bldg. A, Rm 210A

The Becomers have a rotating teaching format with scriptural-based lessons and contemporary issue discussions to help further their spiritual walk in meeting the everyday problems and stresses of life. They are an active group within this church and are involved in many mission projects. They are a social group of mostly empty nesters. One is never late! 

C3 (College, Career and Christ) | Arbor House

Join other young adults 18+ to visit Arbor House on Sunday mornings at 9:30. Share a lesson,and worship with the residents. Contact Mike Eidson, 972-689-9383

Challengers |  Singles and Couples | Avg. Age:  50+ | Bldg. B, Rm 121

The Challengers are a family oriented, caring, friendly, loving, praying group. The class time is a combination of prayer request and Bible study. We welcome all age groups! 

Discovery|  Singles and Couples | Avg. Age:  40+ | Bldg. A, Rm 211

This class is especially for families with school-aged children. They extend a special invitation to all to join the discussion and study of the Bible as it relates to daily living.

Foundation | Mostly Couples | Avg. Age:  30+ | Bldg. B, Rm 110

This class is a loving group of people with elementary and preschool-aged children, created to serve as a spiritual foundation for each individual, their children, and each other. They study a breadth of topics from Christian parenting and scriptural studies to discipleship. The fun does not stop in class; Foundations regularly participates in fellowship opportunities with and without their children! Through class on Sunday mornings and other gatherings, this class seeks to grow together in faith and relationship, serving as sounding blocks, friends, support, and a place to continue to be spiritually fed.

Friendship | Singles & Couples | Age: 70+ | Building B, Room 118

This class has rotating teachers who lead discussions from programmed international curriculum.  Occasional social outings provide fellowship opportunities beyond the Sunday morning classroom setting. The Friendship Class is intentional about supporting many mission and outreach programs within and outside the walls of the church.  

Harmony | Singles and Couples | Avg. Age:  55+ | Bldg. B, Rm 120

Members of this class seek to enhance their understanding of God’s Word through Bible studies led by rotating teachers. Contemporary issues are addressed in light of the scriptures and current Christian literature. The class enjoys social activities, supports numerous mission projects, and is dedicated to serving the Lord in all ways.

J. E. Wilson | Singles and Couples | Avg. Age:  65+ | Bldg. B, Rm 117

This class is primarily Bible Studies led by class members. Class members have an active social calendar together and also maintain a busy Christian service agenda to provide support for the Society of St. Stephen, the United Methodist Children’s Home, and other missions.

Journey | Singles and Couples | Avg. Age:   50+ | Bldg. A, Rm 212

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8.12. The focus of this class is to use Biblical and Christian principles as the lessons form to encourage each other throughout daily living. Lessons are member-led and discussion is encouraged. The hope is that through studies in this class, members will learn more about Christ. 

Pathfinders | Couples | Avg. Age:  45+ | Bldg. A, Rm 214

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105 The goal of Pathfinders is to bring its members closer to living a Christ-centered life through study and fellowship. We seek to promote the Lord and bring others to Christ by leading by example, sharing each others joys and hardships, and seeking answers to life’s questions by study and discussion. Lessons generally follow published study guides designed to enhance our understanding of the Scripture and its application in all facets of our daily lives.

Seekers | Singles and Couples | Avg. Age:  60+ | Bldg. A, Rm 213

The Seekers Class is taught by members on a rotating teaching schedule. The class selects the literature and topics for its lessons with emphasis on applying scripture to contemporary issues. The class has periodic socials and family outings, offering fellowship opportunities to its members. This multi-age class of couples and singles supports mission projects throughout the year and sponsors the Habitat for Humanity 2×4 Sunday each year. They have adopted the 5th grade SS class.

The Rock | Singles and Couples | Age 25+ | Bldg B, Rm 119

Starts at 9:45 AM

We are a new Sunday Morning Class for young adults to meet each other, grow together, learn together, and support each other as we work to figure out what it looks like to be faithful to our families, our friends, in our offices, and our communities in today’s world. This class is full of young professionals and young families, and everyone in between! All are welcome, no matter your life stage or age, to join us as we study and grow together each week.

Trinity | Couples | Avg. Age:  45+| Bldg. B, Rm 123

The Trinity Class is mainly comprised of married couples. They seek a fun and friendly way to make Christian friends and share God’s word. Their faith experiences vary from new Christians to those with a time-tested abiding faith. They have discussions on topics ranging from family matters to spiritual topics, all with an emphasis on God’s will for us. They enjoy regular social outings, and seek to build a trusted community of friends who celebrate God and support each other during life’s trials.

Unity | Singles and Couples | Avg. Age:  65+ | Bldg. B, Rm 109

Bill Abbott teaches this class and develops the lessons around the adaptation of scripture and Bible characters to contemporary times with special attention to class participation. As a group, they are active in and support many groups and projects in the church. They have frequent social outings. While the majority of the class is middle aged or over, the class extends a special welcome to all.

Vase Breakers | Singles and Couples | All ages, Avg. Age: 60+ | Bldg. B, Rm 125

This class’ focus is on strong Bible-based lessons and lively discussion. It offers opportunities for in-depth study and discussion about how to best apply Biblical principles to everyday life. They welcome all adults to join them in their study of the Bible!

10:45 AM Classes

Fellowship | Singles and Couples | Avg. Age: 55+ | Bldg. B, Rm 119

The Fellowship Class attends the 9:30 AM worship service, meets for coffee afterwards, and then class begins at 10:45 AM. The class dismisses promptly at 11:30 AM, to beat the Rockwall traffic! The group is comprised of empty-nesters who enjoy the fellowship offered by Sunday School. Every week is a different lesson topic. All are welcome to join!