Mission Trips – 2019

First UMC Rockwall | May 1-5 


General Adult Trip | Victoria Texas | Registration is OPEN

If “no”, contact your church for a background check to be run through its auspices; send verification to Clay Womack at cwomack@fumcrockwall.com


Type of work anticipated:  Rebuild Type Work — hanging sheet rock, tape and float, carpentry, special needs projects according to team member’s skills, if asked

Packing for All Mission Trips:

1. Clothes – work, after-work informal/comfortable (suggestion list coming the first week of May)

2. Shoes – work boots or steel-toed for on the job, after-work casual, “tennis shoes,” sandals, etc.

3. Tools – personal hand tools, work gloves, battery powered drills and drivers (suggestion list coming first week of May)

4. Bedding/Linens:  bedding/sleeping back, pillow, towel and wash cloth, etc.

Required Forms for All Mission Trips

Emergency Contact Form

Medical and Liability Form

Mission Convenant Agreement

Individual Volunteer Skill Form

Future Hurricane Harvey Rebuild Trips

We will have sign ups available for these trips.

First UMC Rockwall trips scheduled:
July – Possible Youth Leadership trip
September 22-26 (Adult Trip) – TBD

North Texas Conference sponsored Harvey Trips:
Summer:  Center For Missional Outreach push to encourage local churches to deepen/embed adult support in their church’s summer youth mission trips
October 10-14 (includes Columbus Day) Adult Trip – Victoria, Texas
December 26-31 – Young Adults (High School-Age 24) – Rockport/Sinton