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Faith Development Classes

 Companions of Christ - Women’s Study
Facilitator:Stacy Loeffler,
Dates: Wednesdays, beginning Jan. 17
Time: 10-11:45 AM
Summary: In this study, we will go from the prison of sin to the freedom and hope that is ours through the grace of God. We never deserved God’s goodness, yet God extends it to us.


Financial Peace University
Facilitator: Becky Speight,
Dates: Sundays, beginning Jan. 7 (for 9 weeks)
Time: 4-6 P M
Cost: $109 includes 1-year access to the online lessons, 1 year access to Every Dollar Plus and a Debt Snowball tool
Summary: Any time is a good time to learn about what scripture ha to say about managing finances, and if you have post-Christmas bills or just want to be a better steward of your resources, this class is for you! The average family completing this 9-week course pays off $5300 and saves $2700 in just 90 days.


Facilitators: Rich and Angel Thompson,
Sandy Heard,
Dates: Wednesdays, beginning Jan. 17 (for 10 weeks; includes dinner)
Time: 6:45 PM
Summary: Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. Each session looks at a different question that people can have about faith and is designed to create conversation. It’s just an open, informal, and honest space to explore life’s big questions together.


Issues that Divide: Building Bridges, Tearing Down Walls
Facilitators: Gloria Bishop and Jamie Rubush,
Dates: Sundays, beginning Jan. 14 (for 5 weeks)
Time: 5-6:30 PM
Summary: A new and insightful look at how our nation is divided and how, as Christians, we can be steadfast in our faith. Adam Hamilton’s sermon series is a five-week study with weekly scripture and prayer guides. The topics include: practicing politics, keeping faith; immigrants and the Bible; a Christian response to Islamic extremism; Christianity and healthcare; Christianity and guns. Join us as we explore how Jesus can lead us to tear down walls and build bridges to find a better way to live.


Shining Like Stars! And how to lead your kids and grandkids in doing the same (study of Philippians)
Facilitators: Rev. Clay Womack
Dates: Sundays, beginning Jan. 21 (for 6 weeks)
Time: 4-5:30 PM
Summary: Join us for a 6-week study of Paul’s experience with, and letter to, the Philippians. We will focus on Paul’s time spent in Philippi, each of the four chapters of Philippians, and the ways that this letter has impacted each of us! 


Going Against the Tide: a study for young adults 20’s-30’s
Facilitators: Sarah Meacham,
Dates: Every other Thursday, beginning Jan. 25 (for 9 weeks)
Time: 7-8 PM
Summary: The 9 sessions of this study on the book of Colossians is based off a series by Steve May. We will be identifying ways to live a Christian life in the midst of a non-Christian culture. Each session will touch on ways we can better ourselves and shape our actions around Christ. We will learn how to please God, develop a stable walk with God, think like a Christian, discover spiritual self-defense, live with focus, and learn the power of prayer. There will also be opportunities for community service and fellowship on the off weeks! 


Women of the Word--Twelve Ordinary Men: How the Master Shaped His Disciples For Greatness, and what He Wants to Do with You
Facilitators: Annette Knisely, Margaret Peck, Pam Kliewer and Grace Fitzgerald
Dates: Mondays, beginning Jan. 22 (for 9 weeks; pick up books on Jan. 8)
Time: 6:45-9 PM
Summary: The twelve disciples weren’t scholars. They were remarkably unremarkable, but they were obedient to the call. Through Jesus’ teaching, they became a force that forever changed the world!


Friday Study Group—John: Gospel of Light 
Facilitators: Ann Meredith,
Dates: Fridays, beginning Jan. 5 (for 6 weeks)
Time: 11:45 AM-12:45 PM
Summary: This group focuses on reading and discussion to improve our personal relationship with God. The Gospel of John is the most deeply spiritual of the four gospels. It includes some of the loftiest and most loved verses in all the Bible: “And the Word became flesh...,” “For God so loved the world...,” “You who are without sin cast the first stone...,” “I am the resurrection and the life...,” “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” The writing is filled with rich images and profound truths, but John notes that his aim in writing the gospel is that his readers will not only believe in Jesus Christ, but that they “may have life in his name.” This winter, join Adam Hamilton and experience a season of spiritual growth and life-changing renewal while exploring the major themes of John while reading the entire Gospel of John. 


NAMI Family to Family
Facilitators: Libby Cotner,
Dates: Mondays, beginning Feb. 5 – April 30
Time: 6:30-9 PM
Summary: NAMI Family-to-Family is a free, 12 class education program for family members of adults living with a mental health condition.  In this program, family includes parents, siblings, spouses, adult children, partners and significant others.  The course is designed to help all family members understand and support their loved one living with a mental health condition while maintain their own well-being.  The program is taught by NAMI-trained family members who know what it’s like to have a loved one living with a mental health condition. To sign up go to:


Friday Study Group—Twelve Ordinary Men 
Facilitators: Ann Meredith,
Dates: Fridays, beginning Feb. 16 (for 6 weeks)
Time: 11:45AM-12:45 PM
Summary: In John MacArthur’s Twelve Ordinary Men, you’ll discover that contrary to popular belief, we do not have to be perfect to do God’s work. Look no further than the twelve disciples whose many weaknesses are forever preserved throughout the pages of the New Testament. Jesus chose ordinary men - fisherman, tax collectors, political zealots - and turned their weakness into strength, producing greatness from utter uselessness. Join MacArthur as he draws principles from Christ’s careful, hands-on training of the original twelve disciples for today’s modern disciple - you!


In Search of a Christian Understanding of Human Sexuality
Facilitators: Rev. Joe Pool and Rev. Jenna Morrison
Dates: Tuesdays, Feb. 6, 20, March 6, 20
Time: 6:30-8 PM
Cost: TBD
Summary: One of our most important tasks as Christians is to study Scripture and work to glean its meaning in our world today. This difficult charge is one that should be taken up in community. Join us for five sessions over ten weeks as we study Scripture in light of our tradition, reason, and experience, and what this means for our understanding of human sexuality. Class sessions will feature guest speakers, lecture, and small group discussion. This course will include a variety of resources from a wide spectrum of authors; reading is required for class participation.