Mission Corner Crew – Tech

Tech Support Volunteers needed for media help and videos/slideshows

Info/Organizational Meeting:  Tuesday, Sept. 17 | 7 PM | At Church

Primary Jobs:  Collect and Edit photos/videos for Mission Corner & Worship Screens for slide shows
• Shoot raw video footage of Mission Corner Conversations and other
in-town First UMC mission doings
• Video editing skills and software is a bonus

WHY? to help us better tell First UMC’s mission, service, outreach story … for information, but more importantly for inspiration

It’s time to put a group like this together for missions/outreach and telling the congregation’s missional involvement story in a way that regularly touches hearts.

TRAINING:  Jennifer Potter will coordinate editing software training, if needed; if persons already skilled in the software program(s) come forward, those folks can also provide the training

WHO? anyone interested and/or skilled in these types of undertaking who can approach the need in a creative but responsible manner; adults, college folks, youth, parent-child team, grandparent-grandchild team; amenable to supervision and  direction as needed. We hope to involve some newcomers in this, too.

Supervision/Scheduling Contact:  Amy Moore, Clay Womack

Please register if you are interested or want more information.