Easter Egg Hunt Eggstension

In an effort to continue our community Easter Egg Hunt outreach while keeping the COVID-19 guidelines, the Children’s Ministry is sponsoring a church-wide Easter Egg Hunt Eggstension.  We are partnering with Helping Hands to have “Easter Egg Hunt Kits” distributed to the community for families to stage Easter Egg Hunts at home with their families.

To participate, First UMC Rockwall families will use one of their “essential” trips out to purchase food for their own families, to acquire the contents for the Eggstension Kits in the same stop at the grocery store. Bring home your kit supplies and assemble your kit for delivery to Helping Hands (the Helping Hands Food Pantry and Assistance Office will continue to be open, even during Shelter-in-Place.) To deliver our kits to Helping Hands will not be considered a violation of Shelter-In-Place. (Source:  Helping Hands Administrator)

Helping Hands is ready to receive these Kits immediately. You may take your kits to Helping Hands this week, next week, and the week before Easter. The contents list below will work for 2 children in a family.  Recipient families with more than two children will be given more kits so no child will be left out. 

Here are the gift items in the Kits.

(if you are unable to find the exact items listed here, use your own judgment to choose alternative items, or even omit an item you cannot find available).    

1 large gift bag (large enough to fit the Easter Baskets)

2  Easter Baskets

A package of Easter plastic grass

36 Filled eggs

Spring toy such as bubbles, sidewalk chalk, jump rope, etc.

Stuffed Easter animal that is not gender specific.

Confetti eggs

Homemade Easter Card (without Scripture or religious references)  which says that this Kit is a gift from First UMC Rockwall.  

Delivery Instructions
Place all the Kit items in the gift bag.  Attach the Easter greeting card to the handle of the bag.

Deliver your Kit to Helping Hands according to this location and time:

401 W. Rusk St. | North End of building.

Place your kit just inside the double brown metal doors. Helping Hands volunteers will process from there.

Deliver during open hours:
Mon/Tues and Thurs: 9AM-12 PM and 1-4pm.

If you are planning to participate in the Eggstension, please send an “RSVP” to Renee Bridgman (Rbridgman@fumcrockwall.com) or Liz Payne (Lpayne@fumcrockwall.com). This will be helpful in the event that anything should change as you plan your participation. We will use your email to notify you of anything else you may need to know.

Thank You for your help with this ministry!
Liz Payne and Renee Bridgman

First UMC Rockwall, Children and Family Ministry