Lenten Study

Seven Words – Churchwide Lenten Study
By Susan Robb

Description: While many of us naturally wish to avoid the reality of the cross, it’s from the cross that Jesus speaks and shows his deepest love for us. It’s from the cross that Jesus’ full humanity draws us closest to him. It’s from the cross, as Jesus breathes his last breath and speaks his last words, that his deep trust in the Father and his divine glory are revealed. Those who listen to Jesus’ last words from the cross will discover what he most wants them (the world) to hear and will experience an intimate and divine awe only available to those who are willing to draw near his cross

Lenten Adult Study | Wednesdays | 12 -1 PM | 117B

Starting on Wednesday, March 2-April 6 at 12 PM

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Bring your lunch and join this dynamic study facilitated by our clergy!

Class Facilitated by: Rev. Joe Pool, Rev. Sandy Heard, Rev. Christina Hildebrand, Rev. Julie Henson, Rev. Larry Gipson, Gracie Millard, Intern

Lenten Adult Study Schedule for Sunday School Classes

On March 6, Susan Robb, author of Seven Words, will be at our church for our first gathering. Welcome Susan!

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Starting on Sunday, March 6-April 10 | 9:30 -10 AM | Youth Commons Area, Building B

Join this large group lesson format as we discuss Seven Words. At 10 am we will break and head to individual Sunday Morning Classrooms for further discussion. Great opportunity to join a Lenten study and find a Sunday Morning Class!

Class Facilitated by: Rev. Joe Pool, Jenny Misslin, and Laity

To register please visit us online or email Jenny at jmisslin@fumcrockwall.com