Lent Missions

Lent Missions | Rockwall, TX

for Helping Hands and Rockwall Adoption Center

Preferred Brands: Nutro, Kirklands (Costco), Ians, Pedigree, Purina

Puppy and Kitten food needed as well

Rockwall Animal Adoption Center | Rockwall Animal Shelter

Their team is dedicated to helping animals who are unwanted, abandoned, surrendered or lost. They focus on finding these loyal souls proper care and loving forever homes. If you are interested in fostering, volunteering, or donating – please contact them immediately. The more help and donations we receive, the more lives we can save! The Rockwall Animal Adoption Center is the main Animal Shelter in Rockwall that provides shelter for animals in need. Any animals in need of special diet, medication and training are given this care and attention daily.

Helping Hands, Rockwall County

Support our county by lending a helping hand to a struggling neighbor in need. Donations help provide food, shelter, medical care and hope to our neighbors in Rockwall County. 

Lent Missions | Honduras


GOAL: $10,000 to pack 30,000 meals to benefit children and families in Puerto Lempira, Honduras

Who We Are

The organization’s approach to achieving its goal – the eradication of world hunger – includes the packaging of a highly nutritious, vitamin-fortified soy-rice casserole by volunteers at numerous locations within the USA and Canada; and the distribution of those meals to starving children and their families in 70 countries through partnerships with humanitarian organizations worldwide.

What We Do

Fulfilling Kids Against Hunger’s mission requires a vast food packaging capacity to meet an endless demand for food. Kids Against Hunger believes that the best way to engage the largest number of people is through a decentralized, locally-based network of food packaging satellites that are active in their community. This model engages and empowers people to realize they can make a difference in solving the worldwide problem of starvation and establishes relationships with organizations such as Kiwanis, Rotary, and many faith-based groups of widely varying denominations. This growth strategy also allows the organization to continuously expand its food packaging capacity and volunteer involvement.
Since its launch, Kids Against Hunger has provided millions of meals for children and their families in dozens of countries through the efforts of hundreds of thousands of volunteers. Freedom Foods seeks to continue adding to that total with its mission of feeding families around the world and around the corner.

Why We Do It

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that about 821 million people of the 7.3 billion people in the world, or one in nine, were suffering from undernourishment in 2017.

Every 6 seconds a child dies (nearly 16,000 every day) because of hunger and related causes.

15.3 million children under 18 in the United States live in households where they are unable to consistently access enough nutritious food necessary for a healthy life.