Mere Christianity

Mere Christianity for the 21st Century 

Facilitator: Rev. Larry Gipson (lgipson@fumcrockwall.com)

Dates: Tuesdays, Apr 13-May 11  

Time: 7-8 PM

Cost: $15 for the book (please purchase own copy)

Location: Zoom

Summary: In times of crisis, we find comfort and purpose in returning to the fundamentals of our faith. That’s what C.S. Lewis did in World War II when he created a series of radio programs about the Christian faith for the British people to hear while bombs were dropped over their heads. Today, as we begin to emerge from the stress and strain of COVID-19, we also need to remind ourselves what really matters in our faith. In this five week study, we will read C.S. Lewis’s classic, Mere Christianity, and discuss how this book speaks to our faith today.