Our Vision

Our Vision

First United Methodist Church of Rockwall celebrates, proclaims and offers Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! Founded in 1856, we have been sharing Christ in word and deed for over 150 years in Rockwall County and beyond!

Our vision to grow and make disciples of Jesus Christ affirms what we know through scripture, tradition, reason and experience. We are called to provide the “good soil” where children, youth and adults may grow closer to Christ and closer to one another. We center and pattern our mission and ministry on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Through individual commitment, covenant relationships, community fellowship and celebratory worship, we gather together to get to know Christ and to make Him known.


Our Values…

We value discipleship – that is, learning to follow Jesus everyday, not just on Sundays.  We value covenant relationships – that is, growing closer to Christ and one another through small groups, Bible studies and support groups. We value community – in an often disconnected world we enjoy fellowship and companionship with people of all ages, nations and races. We value celebratory worship! Worship that is authentic connects our deepest needs, hurts and hopes to the only One who is worthy of our praise!


Our Goals…

Our vision is to reach all who are seeking meaning and purpose for their lives, to help connect them to Christ, to nurture deep roots of spiritual discipline (prayer, scripture, worship, service), to grow them to reach and stretch Godward like a tree, and finally to produce fruit for which a tree exists.

The following First UMC Rockwall goals were set by our church in a series of activities and meetings under the Vision 2020 initiative: