Saturday Breakfast Planning Session


 75-minute BREAKFAST Saturday Morning Discussion & Planning Session: 2019 Hurricane Harvey Recovery Efforts:


Saturday, Dec. 1  | 9-10:15 AM | Common Grounds, MP Rooms – Building A

Chiloso’s breakfast will be served.
RSVP Below or email cwomack@fumcrockwall.com or 214.557.6485, call or text.

If you want to help out with this breakfast discussion/planning set up or clean up, just let Rev. Clay Womack, cwomack@fumcrockwall.com,  know.

The aim is for this gathering to leave no stone unturned: number of trips, location of trips, pre-trip help from the congregation, post-trip help from the congregation, scheduling of trips, other types of support/encouragement toward those we serve and the communities they reside in, ways to involve families of our church (directly and indirectly), further outfitting and training for ourselves, reaching out to friends/neighbors/other congregations, and so forth. No stone unturned done in a short period of time, over some mighty fine Chiloso’s.

Come be part of it. Bring someone with you.

If child care is needed, let REv. Clay Womack know with your RSVP.