Senior Bible Send-Off

Seniors, it’s your time…again!

Class of 2020, we have something for you! We are so sorry that you did not get to experience all the celebrations you deserved for all your hard work. That being said, we have one last gift for you before you embark on your next adventure! On July 26, we would love to recognize you and pray for you in-person at the church in the Open Door Worship space. We have planned a service for you and your loved ones from 2-3 PM, at which you will receive a Bible. Larry, Gracie, Joe, and Sandy would love to see you there!

Open Doo Worship Center | July 26 | 2-3 PM

Please register at the link below. Please keep in mind that all social distance protocols will be in place, meaning you will need your masks (and water bottles if desired).

Senior Send-off RSVP

As always, let us know if you have any questions!

Larry Gipson | lgipson@fumcrockwall.com

Gracie Millard | gmillard@fumcrockwall.com