Session 6 Leader’s Guide

Lent 2021 | First United Methodist Church of Rockwall

Serving God, Saving the Planet: A Call to Care for Creation and Your Soul 

Session 6—“Love is the Way”

Opening Prayer (2 min)

Scripture (read in video):1 John 4: 7-12

Video (9 min)

Breakout Room Discussion (20 min)

  1. In the video, Pastor Katie talks about how many palms are consumed in the United States for Palm Sunday every year and how we can create more environmentally and economically sustainable choices by purchasing EcoPalms.  How does purchasing Eco Palms help our earth and our economies?
  2. On Palm Sunday, we celebrate the day Jesus triumphantly rode into Jerusalem as his followers waved their palms is celebration and recognition of a Messiah.  We save our palms, and on Ash Wednesday the following year, we burn those same palms into ashes and mark them in the sign of the cross on our foreheads, remembering “From dust you have come and to dust you shall return.”  As we are preparing to wave our palms again, how has God been working in your soul this Lenten season?
  3. We learn from our book and our scripture that the most important truth in this world is to “Love one another.” How can you remember it, even if your memory fails on all other issues?
  4. Read Matthew 25: 31-45. What does this scripture passage tell us about what it means to love our neighbors? Who are our neighbors? How is our relationship to God connected to the relationships we have with self and others?
  5. Why does a change of heart often supersede a change of action? How are the two related?
  6. Now that the church is taking up the biblical mandate for creation care, the author feels optimistic. How will you become the hands and feet of God, both personally and as a group, in caring for God’s creation? What could keep you from these commitments? How will you overcome obstacles and continue to grow as responsible stewards?

Closing Questions (15 min):

  1. What has been the most profound thing you have learned from this study?
  2. What has this study transformed in you? What new things are you planning on starting or have already started as a result of this study together?

Prayer Requests and Closing Prayer (5 min): Creator God, for all that you have blessed us with, we give you thanks. For all the ways in which you invite us to be co-creators of your kingdom and good stewards of your good creation, we are honored. Help us to follow your greatest commandment to love one another, extending that love and care to all of your creation, and may we always remember that following you is good for ALL of creation. Amen.