Session 2 Leader’s Guide

Lent 2021 | First United Methodist Church of Rockwall

Serving God, Saving the Planet: A Call to Care for Creation and Your Soul 

Session 2— “Moved”

Opening Prayer (2 min)

Review Session 1 (5 min): According to Genesis, God created the world, the plants, and the animals and called it good.  God created male and female and called them very good and entrusted them to care for creation.  We are entrusted to be stewards/caretakers of all that is God’s.  It is our Biblical mandate to care for creation.

Scripture (Read in video): Luke 10:25-28 (The Good Samaritan), James 2:14, 26 

Video (6 min)

Chapter Reviews (5 min): Moving from Faith to Works

Breakout Room Discussion (20 min):

  1. Consider Psalm 23, The Lord “makes me lie down in green pastures; he leads me beside still waters, he restores my soul.”  How does nature help restore our souls?
  2. Page 67, “God created the earth.  He made it to be self-sustaining and renewing.  Throughout history, the natural world has fulfilled its role.  It has carried a thousand generations largely without the help or consideration of humans.”  How do you feel about this statement?
  3. When is the last time you glorified God in a place where nothing made by people where nothing made by people was in sight?  Describe that experience.  If you haven’t done this in a while, where could you go in the next week to rest in nature?
  4. Page 73, To move from thought to action, we must feel some discomfort with who we are.”  Do you feel that this is true of your experience?  Give an example.
  5. Matthew Sleeth uses the three characters in Jesus’ story of the Good Samaritan to illustrate moving from inaction to discontent to action.  Where do you see yourself in this story in regards to creation care?
  6. Page 81: “We buy things for many reasons: to cheer ourselves up, out of guilt, to reassure ourselves of our worth, because we cannot discipline our children or ourselves, and to try to make our lives more meaningful, easier, or interesting.”  What motivates you to purchase things and what motivates you to let go of things?
  7. Do you ever feel that your possessions own you?  Explain.  What are some ways that you can “lighten up?”
  8. What are some areas in your life where you simply have too much stuff?  Can you work during Lent to donate or sell unnecessary items?

Closing Prayer Requests, Closing Prayer (6 min): 

Closing Prayer: Loving God, you made the goodness of the land, the riches of the sea and the rhythm of the seasons.  As we thank you for your gracious provisions, may we cherish and respect this planet and its peoples.  You call us to be good stewards of this earthly home, strengthen us to care for your creation; forgive us when, through our greed and indifference we abuse its beauty and damage its potential. Empower us, through your Spirit to so nurture and love the world, that all creation sings to your glory. Amen.